The work of visual artist, Louie Schwartzberg, and poet, Rhael “LionHeart” Cape, was featured at this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards. Against the dramatic backdrop of Lincoln Center, poetry and moving art came together with fragrance – Rose Fields, the exclusive scent created by Lifetime Achievement award winning perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, which filled the entrance as guests entered the majestic theater, to create a multi-sensory experience for the audience.

Fragrance Foundation President Linda G. Levy with Artist Louie Schwartzberg and poet Rhael “LionHeart” Cape at the 2024 TFF Awards at Lincoln Center.

In a departure from the last few years that featured Schwartzberg’s signature time lapse cinematography of flowers which makes the invisible visible, the TFF Awards 2024 collaborated with the artist on the cover of its journal and throughout the evening bringing his high resolution imagery to life. Flights of wonder with fantastical aerial shots of land and seascape patterns, as well as desert terrain transported the audience to a new and exciting destination – that like fragrance, lies beyond the realm of what is tangible. Schwartzberg’s ability to view the world through a captivatingly different lens, his aesthetics “inspire the imagination, connect to the soul, and take one’s breath away.”

The Fragrance Foundation also welcomed a new creative collaborator to its awards ceremony, the award-winning poet, Rhael “LionHeart” Cape, who makes the intangible real through the spoken word. Bringing his singular style to the 2024 TFF Awards, LionHeart creates a superlative poetic interpretation of Schwartzberg’s work.



Meredith Schott
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