James Krivda Appointed Senior Perfumer at Robertet

Robertet has announced the appointment of James Krivda to the position of Senior

Perfumer. With a rich history of crafting exquisite fragrances, Krivda brings a wealth of creativity

and expertise to the group.


For nearly three decades, he has been a passionate contributor and supporter of the fragrance

community, currently serving as the President of The American Society of Perfumers and a

dedicated member of the Société Internationale des Parfumeurs-Créateurs.

Krivda will report to Jérôme Epinette, Senior Vice President of the Fragrance Division, who is

renowned for his innovative approach to fragrance creation and his ability to capture the essence

of a scent. His appointment is a testament to Robertet’s commitment to excellence and innovation

in the world of fragrance.

“We are excited to have James join our team,” said Epinette. “His exceptional talent and passion

for perfumery will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing success and the development of new,

captivating fragrances.”

Krivda’s career is marked by notable achievements and contributions to the fragrance industry. His

work has been instrumental in defining the olfactory identity of several high-profile brands across

multiple product categories, and his creations continue to resonate with consumers worldwide.

Meredith Schott
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