About Time: MANE’s New Olfactive Gallery Exhibit

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On Thursday, April 26, an appropriately warm spring day, Michel Mane, Westly Morris, Perfumer Vincent Kuczinski, and the entire MANE team, hosted their annual MANE Olfactive Gallery opening in NYC.

Passing Nefertiti in the lobby of MANE headquarters -which has now expanded to a three floor presence at 555 Madison Avenue, Fragrance Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award honoree Ann Gottlieb was there in force along with the Fragrance Foundation President Linda Levy – who is now on countdown to her first Fifi Awards Gala as president. Also on the scene were Victoria’s Secret Beauty’s Mark Knitowski and Cotys Lori Singer to preview the MANE Gallery of fragrances.

“Our new MANE Gallery exhibit, About Time, explores one of the most critical elements related to the development of fragrances.  For our perfumers to be able to put the finest ingredients into their creations, time plays a critical part… time to grow and harvest the right raw materials, time to pass toxicological testing and the time to scale up production.  It’s also about time to ensure our clients embrace our creations, including the necessary period to modify it and get it just right! More than two dozen fragrances were created by our Global Fine Fragrance team especially for this olfactive exhibit,” stated Westly Morris – SVP, Fine Fragrance MANE.

Christine Schott Ledes
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