Symrise collaborates with Nez on A World Tour Through Scent

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During the Master Perfumery Workshop, at the World Perfumery Congress in Nice, Symrise Perfumers Émilie Copperman and David Apel, discussed how travel inspires their creative processes from concept to creation and led to the collaboration between Symrise and Nez – The Olfactory Magazine, on the publication of a book called A World Tour Through Scent , with photography organized by Tendance Floue – a collective of 16 photographers from France.

The perfumers discussed their work on Symrise’s Olfactive Travel Portfolio, a project that brought photogra­phers, journalists and perfumers together to explore the world of scent and share the creative story. Mathieu Chévara, art director and co-publisher of Nez, moderated the discussion.

“Symrise sent 13 perfumers of different nationalities to visit the 11 countries which are home to its creative centres, in order to capture the unique scents and influences of these key areas of the world. From Oaxaca and the Amazon to Holzminden, Shanghai to Singapore, Seville to Paris, Madurai to Dubai, Durham to Tokyo, these Symrise perfumers were joined by journalists from Nez, the Olfactory Magazine and photographers from the collective Tendance Floue to engage with the aromas of the world – a voyage of discovery, part creative odyssey and part anthropological expedition,” stated Chévara, also designer and artistic director of A World Tour Through Scent.

The book was officially launched at Symrise’s Voyage a la Plage party at the Ruhl Plage in Nice on Tuesday night attended by Symrise CEO Dr. Heinz-Jeurgen Bertram; Global President, Scent & Care, Achim Daub; Symrise perfumers including Emilie Copperman, David Apel, Maurice Roucel, Carlos Vinals, Alienore Massenet and Pierre Gueros; Mathieu Chevara of Nez; Michel LaPointe of IBM; Cynthia & Eric Forman co-founders of Phlur; Rick Ochs of Estée Lauder; Diane Crecca of Arcade Beauty; Daniel Gonzaga of Natura; Philippe Ughetto, President of the French Fragrance Foundation; Vincent Kuczinski, President of the American Society of Perfumers; Journalist Sarah Colton, Artist/Perfumer Sarah Baker; Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto Pardon; Bertrand Puissegur-Ripet of the Nice Convention Bureau Congress; and Jeb Allured and Paige Crist, organizers of the World Perfumery Congress.

“At Symrise, our approach to fragrance is “better living through scent. Our passion is to combine the sensorial with the beneficial. We strive to challenge boundaries and to understand the intrinsic connections we, as human beings, have with fragrance and watch other – across cultures, across regions, we see ourselves as ambassadors of real olfactive journeys, with an eclectic and iconic legacy that spans more than 220 years.  We believe in inspiration through collaboration, and brought photography and journalism into this project in order to illuminate the art of scent through these other media. The unexpected fragrances, visuals and words created during A World Tour Through Scent are a direct reflection of the participants’ experience and show a vibrant part of all our lives through a truly unique and authentic lens. they are sometimes provocative, frequently artistic, but always a mirror of our collective human experience,” stated Daub.

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