Joyce Green Appointed General Director for France at CHANEL

In a strategic move that has echoed in the fashion industry, the house of Chanel has confirmed the appointment of Joyce Green as new General Director for France, with a mandate which begins in January 2024.

Initially announced in September, this appointment details a significant reshuffle within the Chanel hierarchy and marks a crucial step for the rue Cambon house.

Joyce Green, who has been with Chanel since 2007, brings considerable experience to her new position.

Having led the US division with a keen eye for innovation and market growth, Green’s promotion is seen as a testament to his achievements in the industry.

She played a key role in expanding the brand’s footprint across the United States, including enhancing the digital experience and elevating customer engagement through the Beverly Hills flagship store.

Green’s rise to General Manager for the French market follows a sixteen-year career with the company, during which she held several key positions.

She notably served as Senior Vice President of the Fragrance and Beauty division, followed by a leading role in fashion retail.

His predecessor, Frédéric Bocquillon, will transition to new responsibilities within the company, details of which will be disclosed in due course.

Rebekah McCabe, who made a name for herself as head of creative and brand communications, will succeed Green in the United States.

McCabe’s reputation for orchestrating high-impact events and developing cultural partnerships has significantly strengthened Chanel’s brand image in the United States.

This change in leadership is particularly noteworthy as it comes after Chanel announced record revenues in 2022, with sales increasing by 10.1%, reaching an impressive $17.22 billion.

The company not only exceeded its pre-COVID-19 performance but also set new benchmarks for luxury retail in an increasingly competitive environment.

Chanel’s affinity for American ‘wonder women’ in leadership roles continues to be a subject of interest.

Green follows in the footsteps of Maureen Chiquet, who led the company from 2007 to January 2016.

Their success stories highlight the U.S. subsidiary as a testing ground for global leadership within the brand.


Its American success story, its in-depth understanding of the luxury market, and its ability to innovate are likely to propel Chanel in France towards new horizons.

The brand, which has long been synonymous with timeless elegance and cutting-edge fashion, appears poised to continue its trajectory of growth and influence under Green’s leadership.

The transition, which coincides with Chanel’s thriving commercial performance and the dynamic landscape of French luxury fashion, promises to be both gentle and transformative.

With a new year beginning and new leadership in place, Chanel France is ready to navigate the future with a blend of traditional respect and forward-looking dynamism.

As Joyce Green assumes her role at the heart of the House of Chanel, the high fashion industry eagerly anticipates the new trends and innovations she will bring.

Her expertise and flair for luxury are poised to enrich Chanel’s heritage and breathe new life into the fashion industry in France.




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