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Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches its new global creative vision MyBloom addressing the consumers’ need for olfactive extimacy in fragrance creation by tapping into trends such as self-love, mindfulness and authenticity. Supported by an innovative consumer-centric methodology, the new collection of fragrance accords is the first of its kind addressing these trends in an olfactive way.

‘MyBloom’ is the olfactive interpretation of the definition of ‘extimacy’: as new technologies have blurred the line between what is private or public information, people are more inclined to reveal their thoughts, feelings, and intimate experiences in a natural manner to forge genuine connections with others.  First, our fine fragrance perfumers had to get intimate with themselves without barriers or constraints – diving deep into their own emotions and vulnerabilities, and challenging their olfactive language as they know it by exploring their inner-self, and perhaps unfamiliar, creative spaces.

Fine fragrance perfumers translated these values into an extimate collection by incorporating new technology, such as our AI-tool Carto, and their own artistic approaches to their creations.  The collection of authentic fragrances showcases accords categorised in five themes which were unveiled in detail during a private presentation for customers in October and November.

Rebirth & Untethered

Rebirth – drawing strength from personal roots and memories to overcome hurdles. Similar to a rite of passage or a lifesaving step that helps you reach a higher state.

Self-Love & Awareness

A protective cocoon of love, like Amma’s arms in an embrace that can help you find harmony, self-love and mindfulness.

Glowing Aura

Light that cradles and envelops; interior light and the glow that makes you radiate with others.

All About Skin

Skin in all its forms: as a gentle touch or a caress, clean skin, perspiring skin, animalistic skin, or skin that smells of love. Brushing against someone else’s skin, what’s inside and what it hides.

Silhouettes & Voids

The ultimate step in disincarnation, defining yourself as a photo negative or a simple silhouette; leaving a blank space.

A unique consumer testing methodology was introduced for the MyBloom project and piloted in Europe called ‘T-Shirt Dating’. The methodology was used to test the collection of fragrances by asking questions to the people who smelled the fragrances, and not to the people who wore the fragrances. This approach is relevant with millennials who are searching for more authenticity and are looking for ways to connect that go far beyond appearances and filters.

Arnaud Guggenbuhl, Global Head of Marketing Fine Fragrances, said: “MyBloom is changing the entire way the industry thinks and creates.  We used game-changing consumer insights as a starting point and discovered the untapped need for olfactive extimacy.  Our perfumers were given complete freedom to seek inspiration within to find what ‘extimacy’ meant to them and by doing so, they found the right expressions and olfactive designs leaving an impressive presence in the air.”

Felix Mayr-Harting, Global Head of Fine Fragrances, said: “Introducing olfactive extimacy with MyBloom has been an enlightening experience for our entire perfumery team.  There is a great opportunity to work together with our customers to explore these untapped trends in the fragrance market.  The collection offers new creations designed to meet people’s desire for authentic, intriguing, and radiant perfumes that reflect who they are.”

‘MyBloom’ follows the success of our creative program ‘Delight’, where perfumers and flavorists combined their unique skills to create fragrance accords that elicit pleasure. Launched in 2017, the innovative collection of flavors and fragrances brought a provocative and inspiring new creative vision to the market.

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Christine Schott Ledes
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