Stetson Gets Back in the Saddle with Edge Beauty

Effective Jan. 1, heritage brand Stetson will be entering a new fragrance licensing agreement with Edge Beauty, whose portfolio includes brands like Cher and the Phluid Project. The license was previously held by Coty.

“Our ambition as a partner to Stetson is to make the brand more relevant, particularly today, as the iconography of the American West has changed,” said Steve Mormoris, CEO of Edge Beauty. The brand, which started in the 19th century as a clothing label, introduced fragrance in the Eighties.

Edge Beauty has a specific vision for Stetson, “Our plan is to broaden the brand from cologne into grooming, skin care and home scenting. These are categories which men and women are consuming more and more, especially in the COVID-19 world,” Mormoris said.

The licensing agreement came organically to Edge, which has big plans for Stetson. Industry sources estimate the business could do up to $100 million in sales annually after its multicategory expansion. “We didn’t pay anything for the license. There was no need to,” Mormoris said. “We shared our product development expertise, and we were perfectly in-sync with how to grow the brand.”

According to Mormoris, the brand has an “evergreen relevance bolstered by its folkloric, Western identity”. Still, he sees room for change and growth. “The opportunity in fragrance is a migration toward scents that are not necessarily a tool for seduction. Stetson is a brand that can deliver different fragrance products, as well as skin-care, grooming and home products that inspire a sense of wellness and sophisticated masculinity,” Mormoris continued.

Edge Beauty places a strong emphasis on its own direct-to-consumer channel, but Mormoris said Stetson’s positioning in the mass market also made it an attractive partner. “It’s a qualitative brand in the core of the mass market, which is the core of where people are now shopping,” Mormoris said. “We’re excited by their own re-branding efforts and moves toward signature fashion, which will only complement what we’re doing in the beauty space.”


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Christine Schott Ledes
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