Givaudan launches DigiPulse™ – A proprietary olfactive social listening tool powered by AI

Givaudan launches DigiPulse™, a proprietary olfactive social listening tool powered by artificial intelligence
Evaluating online comments to gain a deeper understanding of consumer perceptions of fine fragrances

Givaudan has launched DigiPulse™, the first olfactive social listening tool designed to collect and decode consumers’ online spontaneous comments about fine fragrances. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), DigiPulse™ collects the voices of consumers using a special algorithm that captures and analyses their views with a unique focus on olfactory driven perceptions. Givaudan perfumers and creative teams then use the decoded olfactive data to tailor their fragrance creations to consumers’ desires.

DigiPulse™ categorises more than 2.5 million online comments across a range of social networks. Its customisation allows Givaudan experts to analyse the data gathered to easily identify consumers’ olfactive perspectives and preferences. The data is transferred to our creative teams to analyse the responses to traditional and established fine fragrances, as well as new launches. The most differentiating element of the tool is its ability to focus on the olfactive data, revealing insights on different aspects of the fragrance itself, on top of more obvious comments around packaging, marketing and advertising.

“DigiPulse™ is a digitally strategic way of capturing feedback from consumer’s online posts on their impressions of fragrances they’ve used or experimented with in their everyday lives. The new olfactive tool, which uses AI, will allow us to gather instant unfiltered consumer feedback. Most importantly, it will enrich the way we craft perfumes that will continue to inspire consumers around the world.”

Arnaud Guggenbuhl, Head of Global Marketing Insight, and Image

Givaudan’s latest olfactive social listening tool leads the industry in identifying the success of iconic and fresh new fragrances with information directly from the consumer experience. The intel will allow us to integrate consumers’ immediate responses related to a fragrance or to specific ingredients directly into the creation process, which is crucial for brand development and scent innovation.

DigiPulse™ is currently being used in France and will be launched in the USA in the forthcoming months followed by a global roll-out in 2022.

Christine Schott Ledes
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