HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Welcomes Luxe Pack Monaco Back to Grimaldi Forum

Luxe Pack Monaco 2021 welcomed back 7,820 visitors to Frimaldi Forum this year.  A strong audience given the pandemic environment.  Safety was of course a priority. Attendees were required to show proof of vaccination and to wear masks while inside the convention center where the new products of 450 companies, from 98 countries and more than 70 speakers presented during the three days of the show, from September 27 – 29, 2021.

Vaccination cards and masks were required inside Grimaldi Forum

It was a welcome crowd for exhibitors who, by their own admission, did not expect to meet so many people. Moreover, several manufacturers who had chosen to swap their exhibitor badge for that of a visitor regretted it. Despite some big names absent, the event was able to revitalize the luxury packaging sector thanks to many new innovations. In line with the 2019 edition, which saw the start of a concrete realization of environmental issues, the companies present took advantage of the decline in activity that hit the sector to develop their own vision of sustainable development.

For many, this involved single-material solutions in order to facilitate the end of life of products and their recycling. “Reloadability” is also one of the strong axes, with a desire to offer beautiful cases to meet the demands of luxury customers as closely as possible. Manufacturers are banking on the possibility of a high added value on a reusable or refillable element that the consumer will keep beyond the simple use of the product. The show was also an opportunity to see a shift in glassmaking. Against the backdrop of “glassification,” the shift from plastic to glass, the vast majority of companies have developed new solutions for fragrances and cosmetics.

Luxe Pack Monaco Panelists: Noemie Bauer of Pernod Ricard, Raphael Vannier of Seventy One Per Cent, Sophie Bonner of Kering and Didier Philippe of Jean Bal Thermoformage, moderated by Eliza Niemtzow of BSR.

Luxe Pack in Green People’s Choice Award Winner: The Odyssée jar from Groupe Pochet.

The gathering made it possible to unveil the winners of the Luxe Pack in Green Awards. This year, Estal was awarded for its collection of Rude glass bottles intended for the spirits market. ICMA’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach, notably with its B-Corp certification, was also recognized. The public’s choice fell on the Odyssée jar from Groupe Pochet: a refillable solution in light glass which has the particularity of becoming nomadic according to the consumer’s needs.

See below for more on the 2021 Luxe Pack in Green Award Winners

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco with Luxe Pack Monaco’s Nathalie Curvat Grosdidier and George Ledes in 2015.

The Beauty Influencers’ George Ledes sat down with Nathalie Grosdidier Curvat to reflect on this year’s show…

GL: What would you say sets this year’s Luxe Pack Monaco apart from previous shows?

NGC: I would say, this year’s show was more strategic than ever ! As Luxe Pack was the first international post-covid show, we noticed a great deal of pleasure in meeting each other again. Everyone in our community seemed excited to finally re-connect physically. The show has reinforced its position as a leading platform to conduct business and strategy. More than ever, manufacturers and brands alike sent high level decision makers to Monaco because it was a fantastic opportunity to deal with the current challenges: supply chain and delivery time, raw materials, sustainability      and innovation.


GL: What permanent changes -if any, have you implemented due to the pandemic?

NCG: Our digital platform, MyLuxePack will remain the link to connect the industry during the five shows around the world, but also all year long.

GL: What were the mitigating factors that helped you achieve roughly the same number of exhibitors as in previous years?

NCG: Historically, we have been fortunate to benefit from a high fidelity rate and exhibitors were confident in Luxe Pack and its capacity to gather the community as safely as possible. Although some companies from Asia or Middle East were prevented from traveling, we were able to replace them with a few new companies. A remarkable 84 new exhibitors joined us on the show floor this year!

GL: Can you expound upon the continued green/sustainability theme as this narrative continues to grow?

NCG: It has become our driving theme for some years –and the strongest one for innovation, as you can see immediately at the booths. For sure, it will remain dynamic and more and more in-depth because the packaging industry is currently acquiring maturity to organize itself towards lower environmental impact. But there is still a lot to do before the stakeholders display a clear and shared strategy on a worldwide basis.

GL: Why does Monaco seem to be the ideal setting for Luxe Pack?

NCG: Both Monaco and Luxe Pack share two fundamental similarities: luxury, of course (even if Luxe Pack embraces a larger spectrum), and unity of place. The community meets all day long, from breakfast at the hotel, to the Grimaldi Forum, to restaurants and bars in the evening. It’s a 360 degree luxury experience!


This year, marked a turning point in the luxury packaging offer at LUXE PACK Monaco. For 12 years, the LUXE PACK in Green Awards has highlighted and rewarded the best sustainable packaging innovations and responsible approaches by exhibitors. Today, they invest all aspects of the show to become THE real barometer of eco-responsible trends in luxury brand packaging.

LUXE PACK MONACO unveils the winners of the 2021 LUXE PACK in green Awards in the following categories:

Category 1: Eco-Conceived Packaging Solutions

The Jury’s Choice:

Rude collection





The RUDE collection is designed in such a way that it is perfectly recognizable and different from the rest of the spirits on the market.

With a distinctive artisanal aesthetic, allowing the collection to be extended and personalized in a more sustainable and profitable way, since the diameter of the necks of the bottles remains the same. It is designed to facilitate the manufacturing process.

People’s Choice:

Odyssée: a 2-in-1 light glass jar, nomadic, refillable and intuitive to use





Category 2: Corporate Social Responsibility approach


BCorp® certification process, completed in May 2020, which made ICMA the first European company in the paper and board sector to achieve B Corp® status.


Lucile COURTIAL, Executive Secretary of BeMed, Representative, PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO FOUNDATION

Maurille LARIVIERE, Co-founder and CEO Sustainable Design School

Jacques PLAYE, Global Head of Packaging and Product Development, L’OREAL
Sandrine Sommer, CSR and Sustainable Development Director. MOËT HENNESSY
Helene Villecroze, Ecodesign Manager, CHANEL BEAUTY PERFUMES

For more information, or to register, please visit LuxePack.com

Christine Schott Ledes
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