Parfums de Marly Launches Althaïr

Parfums de Marly -the haute perfumery maison, created by Julien Sprecher, has launched their latest creation, Althaïr  a game changing gourmand for Fall

Althaïr presents a pronounced contrast between warm ingredients and a sensation of freshness, this scent is composed of citrus and spices, including orange flowers, invigorating bergamot, warm cardamom, and evocative cinnamon. This new creation is a powerful and addictive gourmand scent infused with Bourbon Vanilla to add a refined warmth and textured allure to the heart of the fragrance.

The combination of amber, woods, and leather, in contrast with notes of clean and fresh musk unveil a generous and captivating trail, evolving synergistically on the skin. Althaïr is inviting and warm, and is both sophisticated and sensual while cultivating both decisiveness and subtle opulence – a true olfactory masterpiece.


Olfactive Family: Amber Vanilla Woody

Top notes: Orange Flower, Bergamot Italy, Cinnamon Ceylan, Cardamom Guatemala

Heart notes: Vanilla Madagascar, Elemi Philippines

Base notes: Ambrofix, Gaiacwood, Praline, Musk

Considered an aphrodisiac to some cultures, and prized by others for its soothing, comforting properties, Vanilla’s round, warm and gentle notes make it an extremely precious raw material, that perfumers refer to as “black gold.” Extracted from the pod of a plant resembling the orchid, it was brought back from Mexico at the end of the 18th century and introduced in the greenhouses at Versailles at the same time as cocoa. By some accounts, Madame de Pompadour would slip some into her chocolate before rendezvousing with the King. Now produced on the island of Madagascar and cultivated in an entirely ethical, sustainable and traceable way, the Bourbon Vanilla used for Althaïr is the direct descent of the variety introduced during the reign of Louis XV.

For a complete sensorial experience, Althair is presented in a warm-toned brown bottle that evokes the “texture” of its formula and its second-skin sensation. As always at Parfums de Marly, using opaque glass guarantees a composition devoid of artificial coloring as well as optimal protection of the fragrance from exposure to light. Althair’s imagery plays subtly on the idea of sensory explosion by portraying ingredients as if in a painting- a bottle that invites smell, a color palette that beckons touch.

Available at Parfums de Marly and select retailers. Suggested retail price: $350.

Christine Schott Ledes
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