BALMAIN HAIR Marks its 50th Anniversary

This year, the prestigious hair brand, Balmain Hair, marks its golden 50th anniversary. To usher in this milestone year, they have introduced three exquisite hair fragrances under the HÉRITAGE 1974 COLLECTION, Crafted by the award-winning perfumer, Cécile Zarokian, each of these unisex scents is formulated with premium ingredients, designed to elevate your hair’s natural allure while delivering a captivating, long-lasting, aromatic experience.

An alluring Ginger 1974 Hair Perfume: a crafted hair mist with a blend of spicy ginger, invigorating fir balsam, rich gourmand notes, soft suede and clean white musk. This unique perfume will leave your hair smelling warm, indulgent and irresistible. 

A delicate Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume: the perfect blend of cardamom, lemon, vanilla, and blackcurrant. This unique blend of ingredients creates a warm, sweet and uplifting perfume that will leave your hair smelling perfect all day long.

The invigorating Vetiver 1974 Hair Perfume: crafted with a blend of grapefruit, delicate florals, earthy vetiver, grounding cedarwood and nourishing balsams. This blend creates a bright, fresh, and grounding scent that will leave your hair smelling fragrant all day long.

Available at,, Balmain Hair Salons and other select retailers for $177.00



Christine Schott Ledes
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