The Soulmate Collection

MINDGAMES Fragrance House has launched the latest addition to the world of fine fragrances, the Soulmate Collection, exclusively available at Neiman Marcus. This collection represents a significant milestone in MINDGAMES’ olfactive development, featuring fragrances that embody an irresistible connection and set a new standard in the world of luxury fragrances.

The Soulmate Collection offers fragrances that are as profound and distinctive as the connection between soulmates, thoughtfully designed to evoke an emotional sensory journey that honors stories of destiny, integrity, and the strength of genuine connections. Comprised of only the finest ingredients and skillfully crafted by expert perfumers, the Soulmate Collection sets the tone in powerful and unrivaled fashion with the fullest range of the aromatic experiences.

The Fragrances

Lionora : Alluring and graceful, this romantic scent comes alive with fruits and florals, developing into the honeyed sweetness of Osmanthus over the softest notes of Sandalwood.

Ruy Lopez : Blending the extraordinary with the familiar, and the divine with the everyday,  Ruy Lopez is a stylish and modern fragrance. Steeped in luxurious teas and spices, ethereal notes of Davana, Black Cherry, Oakwood, and Rose, combine to create an unforgettable fragrance.

Sissa : Sultry and daring,  Sissa envelopes the body and invigorates the mind with full-bodied notes of roasted sesame,  creamy gourmands, and sweet florals. A self-assured fragrance that transfixes with the promise of unbridled potential.

The Forward : The Forward leads with a blend of vibrant, shimmering citruses in a remarkable opening that sets the stage for the smooth and subtle appearance of florambers and gourmands.  Regal and daring, yet soft and refined, The Forward goes beyond expectations in a luxury fragrance that sets a new standard.

French Defense : A luxury fragrance that exudes true confidence, French Defense takes control with tantalizing notes of mouthwatering black cherry and seductive notes of sophisticated liqueurs, over a bed of velvety woods and ambers. Soft florals are woven throughout the composition bringing a quiet grace and natural beauty to its structure. Completely captivating, French Defense rises to every occasion, with a scent that sets the tone for success.

Gambit : A bold and masculine fragrance, Gambit is daring and inspiring, with distinctive notes of spice, hints of fruity sweetness, and a warm soothing finish. Bursts of fresh geranium linger in a deep haze of lavender before settling into the glowing base notes of sandalwood and amber, creating a scent that is perfect for any occasion.

Vieri : Full of vitality and charisma, Vieri combines the fresh, crisp notes of red lemongrass, with the sparkle of citron and the subdued spice of pink pepper.  An evolution of florals unfolds and notes of fresh peony and warm camellia tea provide a modern contrast to its base of alluring musks, incense, and amberwood.

En Prise : En Prise celebrates the seductive side of vulnerability as it explores and delights in the spectrum of experience.  An opening of tart and effervescent grapefruit gradually submits to the sweetness of sugars and saffron at the heart of En Prise, with lush, earthy layers of vetiver and moss lending a calm and reverent feeling of surrender to this intimate and nuanced fragrance.

Queening : A regal and luxurious fragrance, Queening is an exquisite blend of Orris and vanilla, emboldened by lavish notes of dreamy gourmands. Uplifting and inspiring, Queening is a modern celebration of the courage, dedication, and strength required to cross the board as a pawn to become a Queen.

Sans Voir : Sans Voir is a fragrance to enlighten and awaken, as it explores coastal visions of sea salt, grapefruit, and jasmine, drenched in a cascade of enticing cypress and freesia.  Awaken the mind’s eye and illuminate the invisible with mystical notes of Rose and Palo Santo, following a trail of Guaiacwood and Incense to a sacred place of inner discovery.

The Experience :

To experience Soulmate Collection is to travel through memories of moments that reveal our true character. Release a compelling sense of desire and determination as emotions of love, camaraderie, unity, and sacrifice pour from every bottle.  Designed as an integral part of your personal story, Soulmate Collection awakens your inner strength and vision, and sets the stage for the creation of deeper bonds and connection.

Commitment to Sustainability 

MINDGAMES honors the future of its craft, and the future of our planet and its resources.  They strive to create fragrances that respect its customers and reflect the commitment they have to its values, by choosing to partner exclusively with Symrise, a leader in industry standards of quality and sustainability.  Through various initiatives such as working with local farmers, synthesis of raw materials in the lab, and a better understanding of our available resources and ingredients, they are utilizing methods that are not only safer for our environment and better for our communities, but necessary for the future of fragrance production.

Exclusive Limited Time Offer

To celebrate the launch of these extremely special fragrances, Soulmate Collection will be available in a limited edition set. In exquisitely created refillable bottles, this set is a gorgeous addition to any collection. Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus while supplies last.

Christine Schott Ledes
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