Aerin’s Limited Edition Mediterranean Honeysuckle Tiare

Mediterranean Honeysuckle limited editions have always been inspired by traveling to one of my favorite places in the world. This season is the first time we’re leaving the Mediterranean for a faraway destination filled with sparkling citrus, exotic florals and a sense of complete escape.”

Aerin Lauder, Founder and Creative Director, AERIN


Escape to the edge of emerald waters where lush green leaves meet a tropical paradise with NEW AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Tiare. Here, ancient banyan trees give way to a leisurely beachside retreat where leafy canopies shimmer with fresh rain, fragrant flowers bloom in abundance and pure white sands radiate with sunshine. With notes of sparkling Grapefruit, fresh Lemon and sun-kissed Tiare Flower, Mediterranean Honeysuckle Tiare evokes the glowing warmth of a world away from the everyday.

Tiare is a sister fragrance to AERIN bestseller Mediterranean Honeysuckle, a scent inspired by an escape to the azure waters of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This new, limited edition fragrance takes the adventure to a new realm where an oasis blooms with beauty of the delicate, lush scent of the Tiare flower.


Mediterranean Honeysuckle is a cornerstone of AERIN’s Fragrance Collection and one of the brand’s freshest scents, featuring effervescent Grapefruit, sparkling Italian Bergamot, sun-drenched Honeysuckle and a bouquet of white flowers that evoke the leisure of overlooking the shimmering sea while on a summer holiday. This season, AERIN builds on its bestselling fragrance with the sun-kissed warmth of Tiare for a bright, refreshing twist on the original.

NEW Mediterranean Honeysuckle Tiare Eau de Parfum, 50ml, SRP: $150

Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum, 50ml,  SRP: $150

Mediterranean Honeysuckle Travel Spray, 7ml,  SRP: $35

Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Cream, 150ml, SRP: $65

AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Tiare is available for a limited time at

Prices are suggested retail.

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