Kylie Jenner Plays it Heat Safe with New Platinum Hair Color at VMAs

Kylie Jenner

HAIR BY: Andrew Fitzsimons


“Kylie was wearing a high collar, sexy Tom Ford white suit so we wanted the hair to be more sophisticated and grown to not take away from the dress or be too much.”




“Kylie just dyed her hair platinum blonde only days ago so I had to keep that in mind with everything I did tonight in terms of heat and pre-styling products. To start I used a heat protectant spray on her damp hair then blow dried using the ghd Air® Hairdryer ($199) on medium heat with a ghd natural bristle radial brush size 3 ($30). I used the brush with natural bristles versus ceramic or metal so that hair would not get too hot and stay damage-free.

“I then sprayed hair with a bit of additional heat protectant spray and then began straightening hair with the ($249). Freshly-dyed blonde hair can be more fragile so it was very important to me to use the best styler possible to keep the integrity of her hair and keep damage at bay. With the new ghd Platinum+ Styler, one pass gave us extremely sleek, frizz-free hair that we needed before putting it up.

“Next, I used a hairspray and a ghd oval dressing brush ($40) to brush hair in the direction it was going once up. I pulled hair to the back in middle of her head and created a pony. I then pulled out two pieces in the front to create a bit of softness so the pony was not too severe and harsh. I gave the pieces one last sweep with the ghd Platinum+ ($249). To create the imperfect, perfect bun, I twisted her pony very softly and secured it with pins. I added a shine serum on top for the final touch.”


• ghd Platinum+® Styler ($249) launches September 3rd at • ghd Air® Hairdryer ($199)
• ghd natural bristle radial brush size 3 ($30)
• ghd oval dressing brush ($40)


Meredith Schott
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