Spritzing to Success by Annette Green, the Woman who Brought an Industry to its Senses

On Thursday, Leonard Lauder, Chairman Emeritus of The Estée Lauder Companies, invited friends and family to the Salon of their Fifth Avenue headquarters, to spritz Annette Green with love and appreciation for her forty years with the Fragrance Foundation and the launch of her new book, Spritzing to Success. In addition to industry veteran Rose Marie Bravo – who wrote the preface to the book, and Estée Lauder’s Jane Hudis, John Demsey and Alexandra Trower, guests included Model Carmen Dell’Oriface, Fragrance Foundation President Linda Levy, MANE’s Westly Morris, FIT’s Stephan Kanlian and Virginia Bonofiglio, CEW’s Carlotta Jacobson, Marc Rosen, Dr. Irena Mausner, Donald Loftus, Lawrence Aiken and George Ledes.

Recognized as one of America’s leading fragrance authorities and futurists, Annette Green served as Executive Director and President of the Fragrance Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, for 40 years.  In 1991, she was elected secretary of the board of directors, on which she has served since 1984. Upon her retirement in 2003, the board of directors named her president emeritus. Her new memoir, Spritzing to Success With the Woman Who Brought an Industry to Its Senses, focuses on the concepts she instituted to help drive the small six-figure industry to its current multi-billion-dollar position in the global marketplace.

Spritzing to Success is an inspirational love story that eventually changed the fortunes of the American fragrance industry, written Green as a reminiscence of a career path that zigzagged through the social changes of the early fifties to a forty-year dedication to the world of fragrance. It reveals the emotional, psychological, and knowledge-based essentials that have utmost relevance to those who strive to find their own North Star in the demanding, unpredictable marketplace of today.

Green traces her journey, which impacted women’s rights, scientific and educational breakthroughs, star-studded alliances, art-world recognition, and global alliances. Her fearless, openhearted approach was supported by a changing array of mentors over the years.

She took on the ten-year challenge of saving the defunct Fragrance Foundation (the nonprofit, educational arm of the US fragrance industry) pro bono in the mid-1950’s. President of her own marketing agency at the time, Annette Green Associates, she created strategies that slowly but surely repositioned the industry for stunning growth that reverberated around the world.

In Spritzing to Success, Green shares joyous experiences, fascinating people she encountered, and always, the endless possibilities of the creative, dedicated mindset.

She details the challenges she faced and the triumphs, which she believes can serve to turn those who are overwhelmed by the dramatic technological and global changes impacting the workplace to rethink, reinvent, and reinvest in the unique talents only they can bring to bear. Her emphasis throughout the book is self-reliance, love, dedication, passion, and courage. Her ultimate message is to adopt the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, who advised us all to follow our bliss.

For more information, please visit: www.spritzingtosuccess.com


Christine Schott Ledes
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