Perlier Lavender Honey Line from Liguria

Inspired by nature, Perlier brings the best of Italy directly into your home with their luxurious bath and beauty products. For generations, Perlier’s formulas are carefully crafted at La Carignana on 150 acres of botanical gardens located at the base of the Alps near Turin, Italy.

Perlier is part of the ‘Beauty Made in Italy’ program launched by the Italian Government to promote the awareness, availability and excellence of Italian beauty brands and products to the US market and consumer.
Each year, Perlier travels to different regions of Italy to source rare and unique honey for their limited edition honey collections. For 2019, Perlier is excited to introduce their limited edition Lavender Honey line from Liguria, Italy.  Protected by a mountain range but parallel to the sea, Liguria is a unique region in Cinque Terre that produces the precious and exclusive Liguria honey, rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Also known for their extraordinary variety of flowers, Perlier uses lavender extract from the region in their new limited edition Liguria honey line that includes four speciality products:
-Liguria Honey & Lavender Body Cream: $30.00
-Liguria Honey & Lavender Bath Cream: $20.00
-Liguria Honey & Lavender Hand Cream: $20.00
-Liguria Honey & Lavender Body Powder (no talc): $18.50
Availability: NOW at
Perlier is part of the ‘Beauty Made in Italy’ program launched by The Italian Trade Commission (ITC), a division of the the Italian Government, and Cosmetica Italia to promote the awareness, availability and excellence of Italian beauty products and brands to the US market and consumer. ‘Beauty Made in Italy’ serves as a launch pad for Italian beauty brands entering the US market and provides participating companies with various platforms and support to learn the unique aspects required to enter the US market. Positioned as the singular entry point for all things Italian beauty (I-Beauty), the program is divided into two different tracks for companies based on their experience in the US market: Business Incubator to educate early-stage companies who do not yet have US distribution and Brand Accelerator to guide larger, high-potential brands with existing US distribution. High quality ingredients, innovative formulations and luxurious products come together to define IBeauty. The ultimate beauty regimen, I-Beauty empowers women and men to embrace their most superior form of self-expression with its overt, but elegant sense of sexiness. ‘Beauty Made in Italy’ is excited to share all the facets of I-Beauty and spread the supreme distinction of Italian culture through the beauty industry. Some of the other Accelerator Brands in the program include: Acca Kappa, Carthusia, Herbatint, Jusbox, Marvis, Proraso and Skin&Co Roma.

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