Symrise Honors Covid-19 Essential Workers with HERO cologne

Symrise honors Covid-19 essential workers with HERO cologne

  • Fragrance producer donates perfume to those on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis
  • Sustainable Eau de Cologne as a sign of appreciation for the work of the heroes
  • Company lives the idea of Better Living Through Scent to give a dose of optimism to those fighting the effects of COVID-19

Nineteen fine fragrance perfumers from around the globe participated in this project to recognize and thank all the first responders who make lives better during this difficult time. Each perfumer added one ingredient to the fragrance to create the HERO, a unisex Eau de Cologne. Created with sustainable ingredients, Symrise will donate the HERO cologne to front-line corona heroes. In this way, the Group expresses its appreciation for all helpers. The fragrance is created to contribute to the well-being of those who wear it.

Many thousands of heroes help to cope with the current corona situation in the best possible way: They work in hospitals to care for those infected with the virus; care for sick and elderly people in nursing homes; provide the population with food and essential goods and services. Symrise is paying tribute to this great effort with a specially created fragrance. Nineteen Symrise perfumers from various countries worked closely together to create HERO, each of whom contributed one renewable raw material. Symrise will initially distribute the fragrance in the US, France, China, Singapore, Brazil and Dubai beginning May 19, 2020.

HERO eau de cologne was created for both men and women. It interweaves ingredients from traditional eau de cologne and brings in contemporary notes like Ambrostar, a Symrise captive, musk and vanilla. The result presents an invigorating and supportive fragrance that combines energy and comfort. The top note exudes a composition of Mandarin from Madagascar, bergamot with a boost of peppermint and ginger. The heart note spreads the aroma of ambrette seeds, orris and rose. The base note gives the fragrance fullness and modernity with guaiac wood, sandalwood, vetiver from Madagascar, cypress and renewable vanillin.

“We believe in the power of scent to touch our senses, our soul and the world,” says Ricardo Omori, SVP Global Fine Fragrance. “That’s why we’ve developed a fragrance for all the heroes who, with their tireless and selfless efforts, are helping to fight the coronavirus crisis. HERO is our small token of thanks for the work they do.”

Fragrances can contribute to well-being in tense times

As a fragrance manufacturer with over 200 years of tradition, Symrise knows about the positive influence of scent to a person’s well-being. Especially in challenging times, pleasant fragrances can help add positive aspects to a tense everyday life and humans have been using cologne as a fragrance and also as a hygiene product for many centuries.

Christine Schott Ledes
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