Shiseido Responds to United Nations’ Global Call for Creative Solutions

Shiseido is creating digital content to connect people and share kindness without physical contact as a preventive measure against the spread of Coronavirus

Overview of digital content

1. Kindness Without Contact
By animating images of recognized hand gestures around the world, we created a universal language that everyone can use. The images remind us of the importance of human connection and introduce new ways to greet, interact, and continue to spread kindness, community, and kinship without physical contact.

2. Open Your Heart Filter
Inspired by traditional Japanese papercraft origami, this filter animation expresses the importance of opening our hearts to others – both loved ones and strangers. As an origami heart opens on the screen, users can express messages of kindness such as gratitude and wellness checks in six actions*2.
*2 six different acts of kindness: give someone a compliment, teach someone a skill, check in on a friend, thank an essential worker, support a small business, or call a family member.

How to use digital content

From May 1, these two creative works and guidance on how viewers can post them to their own social media platforms will be released on the brand SHISEIDO official Instagram (@Shiseido).

Christine Schott Ledes
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