MAISON-DE- MODE Provides A One-Stop Shop For Luxury Ethical Clothing

Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre, co-founders of MAISON-DE-, have
teamed-up with Simon – the owners of premier shopping, dining, entertainment and
mixed-use destinations company, on a unique retail experience at The Houston
Galleria during Earth Month in April. The brick & mortar location, designed by BOFFO
co-founder, Gregory Sparks, will be open from April 11th until May 15th.

MAISON-DE- MODE.COM provides fashion lovers with a one-stop shop for luxury
ethical clothing. Product offerings span multiple categories including ready-to- wear,
jewelry, handbags, footwear and accessories. Brands that will be shoppable in The
Galleria location include EDUN, Prabal Gurung, TOME, Amour Vert, Khokho, Behno,
Bottletop, Azlee, Bibi van der Velden, and Brother Vellies to name a few.

“This is the beginning of a great alliance with Simon; their portfolio of leading luxury
properties in top markets around the country make them a key asset for us as we
explore our physical future,” stated Hassan Pierre.

“Their many locations allow the flexibility we need as a digital platform to reach our
dedicated regional customers as well as tapping into their built-in customer base. We

have our eyes set on Fashion Valley (San Diego), Stanford Shopping Center (Palo Alto)
and Miami in the near future,” said Amanda Hearst.

Simon will be celebrating the launch with a private in-store cocktail followed by a dinner
hosted by Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre. The store opened to the public on April
11th, and a special Earth Day event took place on Sunday, April 22nd -where shoppers
were able to mingle with and get style advice from local influencers, sip prosecco and
browse the collections. MAISON-DE- MODE.COM will also donate 10% of net proceeds
from Earth Day sales to a local Houston charity.

Some of the beautiful products we spotted included a fish leather clutch from Osklen
made in Brazil. The Pirarucu fish is commonly used in Brazil, however, the skin is
usually discarded after consumption thus creating biological pollution. Osklen
finds purpose in the skin and uses it as a noble material in its accessories. Osklen's
Pirarucu and salmon skin products are made with sustainable practices anchored in the
triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

This dress from EDUN is made in Madagascar and so is this top.

Alepel shoes are also made in Brazil:
ALEPEL was founded at the end of 2013 with the mission of dressing modern,
successful and active women who wear shoes as a statement piece. The ALEPEL
woman likes to stand out, she is identifiable by the symbol of “The Line”. The line, a
trademarked element, is a rubber injection on the leather sole that will never wear out
no matter how much the sole is used. It's an intrinsic part of the construction of the
shoe; a unique craftsmanship process achieved by experts at the Brazilian factory.
Each ALEPEL shoe is handmade with the finest Italian leathers. A percentage of the
proceeds will go to a charity organization FUNDANA – a Venezuelan organization
benefitting orphanages.

For more information on MAISON-DE-MODE, check out their website.

Christine Schott Ledes
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