SK-II debuts the Future X Smart Store at CES 2019

As part of its global innovation journey to transform beauty retail experiences, global prestige skincare brand, SK-II debuts the Future X Smart Store at CES 2019.



A global learning lab for new ways of exploring retail through advanced technologies, the Future X Smart Store by SK-II first launched in Tokyo in May 2018, followed by Shanghai and Singapore.  Since its inception, the Future X Smart Store by SK-II has been gaining traction as a beauty store of the future amongst influencers, media and consumers alike.

At the Future X Smart Store, SK-II introduces the concept of a seamless “phygital” retail environment where visitors can explore immersive, personalized mixed media experiences that merge the physical and digital to learn about their skin in a way never possible before.

 Harnessing Emerging Technologies  

Powered by the latest technologies that include state-of-the-art facial recognition, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology augmented by SK-II’s proprietary Skin Science and Diagnostics innovation, the Future X Smart Store by SK-II offers a unique skincare experience for each visitor.

The journey begins with the “The Art of You”, a large-scale digital wall that reads visitor’s facial expressions as well as head, eye and mouth movements. Each expression correlates to a different color scheme, while eye blinks trigger energy lines to pass across the screen, generating custom art piece, a unique backdrop for insta-perfect shots.

Visitors can also look forward to a unique skin analysis experience with a reinvention of SK-II’s iconic Magic Ring skin analysis. Unlike typical skin scans which require direct facial contact, visitors can get their skin analyzed comfortably and remotely while sitting in individual booths.  An interactive skincare wall unlocks their skin analysis results with a mere read of their face. Visitors can also enjoy a personalized product browsing experience via a responsive digital interface at the Smart Beauty Bar and learn how they can achieve crystal clear skin. If visitors wish to purchase products, they can head to a unique projection mapping table that tracks their hand motions and allows them to add products real time into their digital shopping cart with a simple hand wave.

The Smart Packaging That Connects You  

In addition to the immersive skincare shopping experience, the Future X Smart Store also offers the new Facial Treatment Essence Smart Bottle.

SK-II’s signature product, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, has over 90% PITERA™, the miracle ingredient discovered over 38 years ago that has been helping users all over the world achieve crystal clear skin.

For the first time ever, the brand’s best-seller receives a new packaging feature that harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) through a companion app that enhances users’ SK-II skincare regimen in the comfort of their own homes. Visitors can witness this innovation on display at the store.

The Future of Beauty Retail

The Future X Smart Store by SK-II signifies the brand’s first foray into retail innovation and the start of a global transformation to connect with a new generation of consumers who are yearning for more meaningful experiences with the brands they know and trust.

Through creating engaging “phygital” skincare experiences, SK-II hopes to take the intimidation and pressure out of shopping for skincare in the offline retail space and give control back to the consumer by giving her options to browse, shop and learn about her skin at her own pace and on her own terms.

Real- time insights and feedback collected will not only inform the future of brick and mortar retail, but also help to reimagine the power of data and technology to augment a consumer’s journey with a brand for a truly meaningful omnichannel shopping experience.

“The Future X Smart Store by SK-II, now debuting on a global stage of innovation in CES 2019, represents our commitment to make the holistic skincare experience engaging and pressure-free for consumers. This begins from the moment they step into the store until they are back home using the products to experience the power of Pitera™,” shares Sandeep Seth, Vice President, Global SK-II.

Emerging technologies such as A.I and facial recognition allow us to challenge existing retail norms and share our brand experience in the way that is the most meaningful to our consumer. She can experience our products and learn about her skin at her own pace without being watched, judged or pressured. Our journey with the Future X Smart Store is not about replacing humans with tech, but supplementing to create a better and more meaningful shopping experience for our consumers.  CES 2019 is the perfect space for SK-II to share our new experience-driven, “phygital” approach to skincare retail with the Future X Smart Store.”

Showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovation, SK-II joins several other brands within the P&G portfolio exhibiting at CES this year. As the premiere space to preview what’s next in consumer technology, CES is the ideal place to reveal how P&G brands use deep consumer insights and breakthrough science to transform everyday life.   

About SK-II

For more than 38 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world by helping them to “Change Destiny” in skin and life. The fascinating story behind SK-II began at a sake brewery in Japan, where scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to isolate the miracle ingredient Pitera™, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. Since then, SK-II with Pitera™ has become a special secret shared by celebrities such as Chloe Moretz, Tangwei, Ni Ni and Haruka Ayase for crystal clear skin.

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