Suarez Sisters Launch Fragrance with Scent Beauty & Firmenich

The Suarez Sisters, Natalie & Dylana Lim Suarez, announced the launch of their first-ever fragrance, Natalie Dylana,  in partnership with Scent Beauty, a division of EDGE BEAUTY, and Firmenich.

A photographer and a model, each established in her own right, Natalie & Dylana are both style mavens with complementary takes on fashion, and bloggers and Instagram superstars with adoring fans in the thousands. But, the appeal of Natalie & Dylana Lim Suarez goes well beyond what they’ve achieved, to who they are and what they represent in the world.

Each is her own, compelling individual, yet together they are more than the sum of their parts. A foray into scent only seems natural for the sisters, who’ve captivated so many with their unique style. But they want to be sure we know that their scent isn’t about ideals, but about the diversity and duality of being human, expressed eloquently through scent.

“Imperfection is beauty” has always been my life motto since I have come a long way to get to this place of accepting myself for who I am. And we want this fragrance to reflect this self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence! We want to celebrate individuality and made a point to keep every note in our fragrance feel truly individualistic, but also working together in harmony.” said Dylana Lim Suarez.

“I find beauty in someone’s essence, and we want our unique scent to reflect one’s inner uniqueness. As sisters we represent duality on the daily, and our fragrance is all about this duality, taking contrasting ingredients and making them work beautifully together,” said Natalie Lim Suarez.

The fragrance created with Firmenich Perfumer Philippine Courtiere is a multifaceted scent, for the contrasts in all of us. There’s a playful side with fruitful top note of fig, a lush middle of orange blossom and jasmine and strong base of edgy and sensual notes of cedarwood and musk. It is a scent for anyone, for all the moods that make us who we are.

Natalie Dylana is the first official launch from Scent Lounge, a portfolio of influencer fragrances from Scent Beauty that will continuously refresh each month. ScentBeauty’s portfolio consists of five sectors that showcase the extensive possibilities of scent: Fashion, Lifestyle, Influencers, Artists and Artisans. Each business sector markets brands in an innovative way with a variety of fragrance forms and messaging that previews the future of the fragrance industry.

The Suarez Sisters Natalie Dylana Eau de Parfum (30 ml / 1.0 fl oz) is available for pre-orders beginning December 16th on for $50.


Christine Schott Ledes
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