On Global Wellness Day, Givaudan Launches VivaScentz™

To mark Global Wellness Day, on June 13th, Givaudan launched VivaScentz™, a leading edge fragrance innovation to enhance consumer well-being; establishing guidelines proven by science for the development of fragrances with holistic well-being benefits; a first for the fragrance industry.

Givaudan’s Health and Well-being Centre of Excellence in Ashford has been collaborating with a renowned research academic partner to build a metric that measures overall well-being, covering the psychological, physiological and social dimensions in a fragrance context. It was necessary to foster the connection between fragrance and well-being through scientific evidence.

Through rigorous tests carried out by more than 2,000 consumers, it was possible to demonstrate that fragrances created with the VivaScentz™ technology were able to positively impact the user’s overall state of well-being. 89% of consumers from the study believed that fragrances and oral care flavours can improve their well-being, helping them to achieve a more positive attitude to face their everyday lives.

Jeremy Compton, Global Head of Fragrance Science and Technology at Givaudan commented: “Health and well-being has never been more important given the unprecedented situation that we are all facing today. That’s why we are thrilled to add another proprietary innovation, VivaScentz™, to our collection of enhanced health and well-being technologies. Aligned to our Company’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature, it will influence the way perfumes are created and will bring meaningful fragrance solutions to meet the growing consumer demands to counterbalance negative feelings and stress.”

Imagine a fragrance that not only smells great, but makes you feel good too. VivaScentz™, is a ground-breaking science-backed tool that can help brands meet the growing consumer demand for products that improve well-being.

Tapping into the well-being trend with VivaScentz™

From meditation apps to healthy snacks, from digital detoxes to wellness weekends, self-care is a major trend. Faced with increasingly stressful lifestyles, consumers are making an effort to take better care of themselves and slow down. People are also becoming more aware that feeling happy and healthy requires a holistic approach, encompassing our mental, physical and emotional states. So, how does this translate into perfumery

Mood-boosting moments

Scent plays a vital role in improving well-being, as it has the power to trigger a positive emotional response. This “feel-good factor” can also help to reinforce the emotional bond between brands and consumers.

At Givaudan, developing solutions that enhance quality of life is one of our key aims. With this in mind, we set out to create an exclusive new technology to enable our perfumers to craft fragrances with real well-being benefits. The result is the VivaScentz™ Well-being Metric: a revolutionary tool that measures consumer well-being holistically in the context of perfume or oral care.

Rooted in science

VivaScentz™ is based on more than 30 years of multi-disciplinary research and innovation. Developed in collaboration with a leading academic partner, it brings together our expertise in neuroscience, perfumery, innovation and marketing.

The results of rigorous testing involving 2,000 consumers showed that fragrances created with VivaScentz™ enhanced the user’s overall state of being. Consumers reported that they felt more optimistic and better equipped to face their everyday lives.

A new chapter for fragrance creation

VivaScentz™ opens up numerous possibilities for brands to build on the powerful link between fragrance and well-being, and to delight consumers with products that combine beautiful scents with positive emotions.


Christine Schott Ledes
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