Symrise SymEffect™ Sun Sets New Standards for Sustainability in Sun Protection Cosmetics

A pleasant feeling on the skin with highly effective protection against ultraviolet rays and optimum water resistance – obtained sustainably from responsibly sourced raw materials. With its holistic approach, the newly developed ingredient SymEffect™ Sun from Symrise combines the advantages of conventional sunscreen products with the increasing sustainability requirements of consumers. With this new development, Symrise once again underscores its role as the innovation leader of the industry. Its recognition with the first prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020 in the “Functionals” category strengthens Symrise in its strategy of promoting sustainability as an integral part of its business model.

Cosmetics manufacturers are faced with the challenge of developing modern sunscreen products that are highly effective and also meet the increased environmental awareness of consumers. Many consumers want responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients as alternatives to the raw materials frequently used in the past. The formulation performance, stability and feeling on the skin should be similar to previous products. This also applies to sun protection products.

Symrise has now succeeded in closing this gap and offers a solution with the functional ingredient SymEffect™ Sun. The BSB agency honored this achievement with its Innovation Award, which is intended to support the worldwide dissemination of knowledge. This year, the award was presented virtually.

Innovative for the environment

“SymEffect™ Sun takes a decisive step toward more sustainability and naturalness in sun protection cosmetics. The ingredient is based entirely on renewable raw materials from responsible sources,” says Lars Jung, Senior Global Product Manager Functionals at Symrise. “Winning first place motivates us to continue to set high goals for ourselves and to work on innovative products whose environmental impact we keep as low as possible.”

SymEffectTM Sun pursues a 360° approach, offering a holistic way to meet the multiple challenges of modern sunscreen products. It comes from natural sources, increases the efficiency of the UV filters used and improves formulation stability. It also significantly improves water resistance. At the same time, the ingredient ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin after application of the sun protection product. Consumers don’t want to feel the product. They want a light and dry feeling on their skin – without compromising on effectiveness.

Christine Schott Ledes
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