Lisa Rinna Announces the Launch of her Beauty Line Rinna Beauty

The Real Housewives’ Lisa Rinna – the 57-year-old actress, model and author has announced the launch of her very own beauty line, Rinna Beauty.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Rinna @lisarinna

Officially rolling out in November, Rinna Beauty is an “all exclusive, 100-percent vegan and paraben-free collection of products that are also PETA-certified cruelty free,” reads a release. The brand’s first launch is a lip kit featuring different shades of lipstick, gloss and liner.

“I’m starting out with a lip kit because I am the lip pioneer,” says Rinna. “I get asked a lot what lip color I’m wearing and where people can find it. And I thought, ‘Why am I not doing this on my own?”

The Lip Icon kit will be available in three shades: “Birthday Suit,” “Legends Only” and “No Apologies.” Each kit will include one of three lipstick shades— “Rosé All Day,” “Troublemaker” or “Pucker Up, B!tch”—and a lip gloss (“No Filter,” “Dancing Queen” or “Guilty Pleasure”). A lip liner in “Notice Me” will be available in each kit.

According to Rinna, starting her own beauty line wasn’t something that happened overnight.

“I had many different opportunities to do a beauty line and it never worked out. I’m talking 10-15 years of wanting to do this and it just kept not happening. And I thought, well, maybe I’m not meant to do a beauty line … maybe I should just focus on my clothing line. And then I met the team from SEL Beauty and voila, here we are.”

According to the brand, Rinna was intimately involved in the process, “trying samples, tweaking formulas, testing colors, textures and how long they last. She sent several samples back and embraced every aspect of the launch, from ingredients to packaging and marketing.”

“We had to go through a few iterations,” shared Rinna. “I’m very specific about what I like. I know exactly the lip gloss and the consistency and the texture. Does it have fragrance, does it not? Does it have a taste, does it not? And I will say that, when you really want something and you know what you want, the more specific you are, the better.”

“I envision this to be the most inclusive beauty line ever,” adds Rinna. “And I’m talking across the board, every single human on the planet could use Rinna Beauty.

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