Mind Nose + Matter RE|GENERATION Identifies 5 Fragrance Trends to Improve Wellbeing for the Future

Fragrance is culture. It’s hope and happiness, passion and positivity. As we enter a new decade amid the global pandemic, the Firmenich Fine Fragrance annual trends presentation Mind, Nose + Matter focuses on the theme of RE|GENERATION, giving customers unique insights into how the power of scent can improve wellbeing globally every day at multiple occasions. Based on key proprietary Firmenich market research studies – Conscious Consumer, Premium Wellbeing, COVID-19 Social Media Insights and Post-COVID-19 Surveys – the 2020 Mind Nose + Matter program translates socio-cultural trends into five new fragrance creation platforms.

Ilaria Resta

Firmenich President, Global Perfumery, Ilaria Resta explains: “We launched RE|GENERATION to reinvent the future, with renewed purpose, stronger benefits and heightened emotional experiences for consumers. Mind Nose + Matter delivers a unique roadmap for our customers to enhance differentiation and preference in this new era of Fine Fragrances.”

The five Mind Nose + Matter RE|GENERATION platforms are:
• REUNION – a desire to return to our “roots”, exploring the nature/nurture connection, highlighting biodegradable and renewable fragrances for tomorrow
• INNOCENCE – embracing the wonder of the “unknown” through unstructured play, featuring a brand-new Firmenich Smell-the-Taste
• ORDER – a need to relieve anxiety and find structure through calmness and control, touching on Antibacterial claims and the use of Artificial Intelligence to bridge humans and machines
• DANGER – harnessing chaos to create enhanced pleasure and fantasy
• REVELATION – a state of rebirth and balance that creates a sustainable environment, exploring Firmenich’s new White Biotechnology ingredients and upcycling


Jerry Vittoria

Firmenich President, Fine Fragrance Worldwide Jerry Vittoria states: “Mind Nose + Matter delivers an exclusive platform for co-creation with our Fine Fragrance customers, based on consumer insights, trends and vision, showcasing new technology, innovation and creative inspiration. We dissect the most current and relevant issues facing consumers today, and show how RE|GENERATION can improve our future.”

Guided by these insights and inspired by these platforms, Firmenich Fine Fragrance perfumers had full creative freedom to craft visionary fragrances that trigger emotions and support benefits and claims to match consumer desires and sentiment. Mind Nose + Matter RE|GENERATION highlights new technologies, emotions capabilities and renewable ingredients.

Creative Director of Mind Nose + Matter Justin Welch notes: “Mind Nose + Matter is an outline for the power of positive luxury. A year’s worth of information is refined into the most critical insights. It’s the story we believe in. Our theme of RE|GENERATION is not just a conversation, it’s actionable. We can change the world together.”

Each year, Mind Nose + Matter gives Firmenich Fine Fragrance and Beauty customers from around the world a glimpse into tomorrow. It defines global sentiment and translates that into emotionally-evocative platforms and thought-provoking fragrances to move the future. Customers can experience the program in the comfort of their homes, through a fully digital experience, including exclusive, invitation-only webinars, a bespoke Mind Nose + Matter booklet, and a kit of fragrances created by Firmenich Fine Fragrance perfumers in New York, Dubai, Paris and Sao Paulo. To learn more, please visit: https://regeneration.firmenich.com/.

Christine Schott Ledes
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