Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients wins four prizes at the BSB Innovation Awards 2022

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients wins four prizes at the BSB Innovation Awards 2022
  • Recognizes sustainable and innovative cosmetic ingredients
  • Emphasizes position as one of the innovation leaders in the industry

Symrise Cosmetic Ingredients won four prizes in various categories at the renowned European BSB Innovation Awards 2022. Recently launched, the cosmetic ingredient SymHair® Thermo received first prize for the Most Innovative Natural Product in Hair Care. In the category “Applied Concepts”, the new sustainability digital app Track4Trust™ won first prize for its innovative design to track and trace ingredients in the sourcing process. The 100% bio-based cosmetic functional, Hydrolite® 7 green, won second prize in the Functionals category. Lastly, SymFerment® won third prize in Actives in the “Plumping, moisturization and barrier” category. These awards demonstrate the leading position of Symrise in the development of sustainable cosmetic ingredients.

“We feel thrilled to have won four prizes at this year’s BSB Innovation Awards further highlighting our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” explains Jörn Andreas, President of Cosmetic Ingredients at Symrise. “This demonstrates great recognition for our global teams from R&D to product development across our business in hair care, micro-protection, skin actives, and sustainability. This award inspires us to continue developing high-quality, powerful and innovative products for our customers.”

This year’s BSB awards have awarded Symrise for their novel ingredient sourcing app and three ingredients with a sustainability focus. This underlines how Symrise innovates in areas that consumers find important when choosing cosmetic products for their beauty routines and special occasions.

Track4Trust™: a powerful digital tool for transparency and traceability

Symrise continues to go above and beyond in sustainability by launching a digital app allowing consumers to track and trace ingredients in the sourcing process. To promote more ingredient transparency in line with customer demands, the digital app allows customers to easily find product characteristics and sustainability properties by scanning a QR code.

SymHair® Thermo: a natural complex for thermal protection of hair

With the ingredient SymHair® Thermo, Symrise experts have developed a 100% natural complex for thermal protection. The active ingredient is derived from a Traditional Chinese Medicine mushroom and saccharides that protect the hair fiber against damages caused by heat tools. It provides thermal protection for hair, and enables a long-lasting styling effect, also in high humidity conditions.

Hydrolite® 7 green: a 100% bio-based next generation cosmetic multifunctional

The unique seven-carbon alkanediol comes from 100% bio-based sources, derived from sustainably sourced castor bean oil. The one-of-a-kind multifunctional ingredient comes, a clear, colorless neat substance, can go into a variety of traditional or natural/green cosmetic formulations and works well with all skin types.

SymFerment®: a new generation of moisturizers based on probiotic technology

Combining both efficacy and sustainability, SymFerment® delivers on the overarching goal of developing innovative cosmetic ingredients for skin care. To create the cosmetic active Symrise uses an upcycling process to obtain the valuable side streams. It then turns them into an effective ingredient that provides moisturizing and smoothing benefits for the skin, including strengthening the skin barrier.

The independent consulting agency BSB has presented the renowned European BSB Innovation Awards since 2003. It celebrates the expertise and innovation in the world of cosmetics. Many ingredients from the Symrise Cosmetic Ingredient product portfolio have received awards in recent years.

Christine Schott Ledes
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