Next Stop: Luxe Pack Monaco, October 1-3, 2018

The 31st Annual LUXE PACK MONACO – THE PREMIER SHOW FOR CREATIVE PACKAGING, will once again be held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo from October 1st through 3rd, 2018.

More than 470 exhibitors, including the industry’s world leaders as well as smaller firms with unique packaging expertise, are expected. Forty-seven companies will be exhibiting for the first time. Last year’s event attracted 9,200 visitors.

The 2018 LUXE PACK MONACO programme will include expert discussions on Sustainable Development, Personalization, Digital and Naturality – major axes of this edition to meet luxury brand challenges.

Sustainable Development and all the industrials’ initiatives, concrete, significant, which the brands will be able to avail with their consumers; but also debates with high-level speakers to feed the visitors’ thoughts, and benefit from experiences;

Personalization, a phenomenon of magnitude for the luxury sector and for which many solutions will be presented and analyzed on stands and in conferences;

Digital and connected solutions that are enriched every day, benefiting from advances in new technologies to bring luxury brands, The solution adapted to their DNA and expectations;

The naturality, at the heart of LUXE formulation exhibition space and program, because consumers are more and more demanding on this theme for their beauty products.

Not to mention the additive manufacturing that makes a significant entrance into mass production, thus opening the field of possibilities both in terms of design and time to market.

A 31st edition anchored in the luxury brands actuality, rich, faithful to what LUXE PACK transmits each year to the packaging profession during these 3 days for guaranteed visit effectiveness.

LUXE PACK Trends Observer Session – Monday October, 1st – PM

Everything you ever wanted to know about Generation Z…

Half a day is devoted to understanding the impact of this generation on the luxury sector, its companies and its brands, and on finding the keys for reaching out to it.

The brands scrutinize them, covet them, court them… they draft strategies to seduce them, develop creations to please them. “They” are young people aged 16 to 25, decisive to the future of the luxury goods companies, and to whom the experts of the Luxe Pack Trends Observer have this year chosen to dedicate an entire session.

How do they consume? Which brands, and why?
What design codes are they sensitive to?
What relationship do they have with luxury goods? What kind of luxury goods? What they expect from the employer brand?
How do they fit into the economic universe? How do you communicate with them?

1.30pm – Round table in the presence of the experts committee:

Béatrice MARIOTTI, Vice-President, CARRE NOIR
Régine CHARVET-PELLO, President, MAT&SENS – CERTESENS Stéphane TRUCHI, Chairman, IFOP
Sabine DURAND, Editorial Director, FORMES DE LUXE

2.30pm – With contributions from:

Caroll Le FUR, Founder, BESTFUTUR.COM (insert photo)
“Young people represent 30% of the population but 100% of our future.”

How do we better understand what makes them tick, for winning them over and maintaining their loyalty?

Aurélie GISCLON and Nicolas RAUDRANT, Founders of the WIBES brand
They created WIBES, a new brand of ethical, high-end sneakers in Africa wax-print colours. Eyewitnesses of their age, Aurélie and Nicolas will be present to talk about the expectations of Generation Z, its values and ambitions.

Loic Le GURUN, Social Media Manager, FORCE PLUS
Influences, uses, social media expectations for this ultra-connected generation: what impact for the brands?
Material inspirations and sensory materials in the Diaghilev Extension Hall proposed by Certesens – Mat&sensTout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la Génération Z…

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Session – Tuesday October, 2 – PM

LUXE PACK MONACO is placing sustainable development as a major focus of the show for many years and is dedicating this year, an entire session. Half a day will be earmarked for committed brand exchanges, involving manufacturers…

2.30pm – Sustainable development and value creation: Guerlain, a perfume house and its partners engaged in the meaning of a new definition of luxury.

Cross-talks, in the presence of Laurent BOILLOT, CEO of GUERLAIN, and MDs involved in the long-term ecosystem of Guerlain:


Marie Laure Traux BINSSE, CEO, MP PLV
Patrice COLLET, Managing Director France & Spain Consumers, DS SMITH
Exchanges moderated by Cécile LOCHARD, Luxury and sustainable development expert – Founder of CITIZEN LUXURY

Respect for biodiversity, eco-design, combating climate change, and societal commitments: Guerlain plays a driving role in helping to address these major challenges and reinvent luxury in a more sustainable and responsible way. The House has set itself bold targets: for example, 100% of its new creations designed ecologically by 2020, and the goal of carbon neutrality by 2028, when it will be celebrating its 200th anniversary. These are challenges that Guerlain intends to meet alongside its suppliers-partners, who are also sustainably committed to a new definition of responsible luxury, as a source of innovation, creativity and value creation.

3.30pm – Traceability and transparency: from field to boutique

Roundtable chaired by Cécile LOCHARD, Luxury and sustainable development expert – Founder of CITIZEN LUXURY
With Jean-François ROUCOU, Sustainable Performance Director, PERNOD RICARD
Agathe DERAIN, CSR Director for R&D, CHANEL Parfums & Beauté

Sandrine SOMMER, Sustainable Development Director, GUERLAIN
His Excellency Bernard FAUTRIER, Deputy Chairman of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Dimitri De ADOLENKO, Director of Purchasing and Sustainable Development Manager, Monte-Carlo SOCIETE DES BAINS DE MER Group

Consumers are today more than ever keen to know where the products they are buying come from. For ethical, moral, sometimes health reasons, being capable of tracking back along the production and product distribution chain is a guarantee of quality. Certain food brands have been the first to display total transparency, and luxury is set to follow suit. From the procurement of raw materials to the use of products by customers, the choices of the luxury goods companies have a social and environmental impact that they are today choosing to share, involving the sourcing of materials, their suppliers and every step in the design of their products.

4.30pm – Presentation of the nominees in the conferences room

5.00pm – LUXE PACK in Green Awards Ceremony

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco,

and in the presence of the jury members including:

– Sandrine SOMMER, Sustainable Development Director, GUERLAIN
– Agathe DERAIN, CSR Director for R&D, CHANEL Parfums & Beauté
– Jean-François ROUCOU, Sustainable Performance Director, PERNOD RICARD
– His Excellency Bernard FAUTRIER, Deputy Chairman of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation- Dimitri De ADOLENKO, Director of Purchasing and Sustainable Development Manager, Monte-Carlo SOCIETE DES BAINS DE MER Group

In the LUXE PACK conference room (Hall Atrium, Niveau -2).


The Press is welcome.

LUXE PACK Fragrance Forum Session – Wednesday October, 3rd – Morning

Presented for the first time at LUXE PACK MONACO, LUXE PACK Fragrance Forum is a session entirely dedicated to perfume and the world of fragrances.

The LUXE PACK Fragrance Forum will offer the floor to major players in this booming sector, specialists in market data, perfume creation and packaging design. A heaven-“scent” opportunity, not to be missed! 9.30am – The market: Selected perfumery: trends and outlook

By Mathilde LION, European Beauty Industry Expert, NPD

In a Beauty environment undergoing profound change, perfume remains a major key for unlocking selective distribution in Europe. The NPD Group, leader in POS panels for Selective Perfumery, presents an analysis of the key trends in the sector. From the development of purchasing modes to the development of the distribution circuits, how is the Prestige perfume market being transformed? What are the challenges and the avenues for growth?

10.15am – The Fragrances: Fragrances: Upcycling: an alternative production model

Roundtable chaired by Dominique BRUNEL, Founder of the NEZ review
With Hervé FRETAY, Global Director of Naturals and Ingredient Marketing, GIVAUDAN

Astrid DULAU-VUILLET, Marketing & Communication Director, VERESCENCE

Upcycling is presented as an alternative to the classic production modes, for an “enhanced” vision of recycling. The objective is not only to reuse spent material, but to give a second life to objects and materials via high-end, quality creations. Today, perfume in its turn is addressing the provision of raw materials deriving from natural waste. Beyond the industrial – and by definition ecological – aspects, we shall be looking at its impact on creation itself, more than ever influenced, guided even, by the material being worked.

11.30am – Packaging Design: Fragrance Packaging….. The Glass Standard!

Roundtable organised and chaired by Marc ROSEN, CEO, MARC ROSEN ASSOCIATES

With Fabrice LEGROS, Founder, STUDIO PI DESIGN

Bottling a new scent is one of a designer’s most creative challenges. Expressing the fragrance , its name, the fashion designer or beauty brand behind it is daunting. Coupled with the marketing challenges; the demographics, competition, P&L and focus groups, the designer begins their journey with many issues to deal with. Faced with a blank sheet of paper, they must produce on demand, a flacon that epitomizes all of the above. Our panel of experienced packaging designers will share their experiences, highlight trends and predict the future of this unique art.

This is just a selection of speakers and programs scheduled over this exciting three day event.

Future events:



LUXE PACK NEW YORK – May 15-16, 2019, PIER 92

For more information or to register, please visit:

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