Redken Brand Ambassador Ryan Pearl’s Vivid Color on Halsey!

Redken Brand Ambassador Ryan Pearl took Halsey to a bright red for her Saturday Night Live performance this weekend using Redken. Please find below steps on how he got the look as well as press and high-res for the products included here. Says Ryan, “Halsey was looking for a punk rock yet polished vibe. We decided to go for this vivid red to give her a little more edge.”

Formula 1:

30g Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside

2 oz. 30 Volume Pro-Oxide Cream Developer

Formula 2:

Equal parts Redken City Beats Big Apple Red + Midtown Magenta


Using a Global Application, Ryan first pre-lightened Halsey’s hair to a pale yellow using Redken Flash Lift Bonder Insideand 30 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer. After shampooing with Redken Color Extend Magnetics and drying her hair, he then used a custom blended formula featuring Redken City Beats Big Apple Red + Midtown Magenta to create the vibrant red tone.



To finish the look, Ryan sprayed a few spritzes of Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray throughout Halsey’s hair for an effortless, polished rocker finish.


Christine Schott Ledes
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