Symrise Pays Tribute to the Luxury of Time at 2019 Beautyworld Middle East

Symrise will be presenting at the largest international trade fair for beauty products and fragrances in the Middle East at stand 2A28, Hall 2. This year, the trade fair takes place at the World Trade Center in Dubai from April 15 to 17, 2019.

“We are attending Beautyworld Middle East to position us further to drive our growth and cement our position as one of the leading fine fragrance companies both regionally, and globally. We want to strengthen our business relationships with existing clients and attract new customers”, says Tarek Anbar, Regional Sales Director Africa, Middle East and Turkey at Symrise.

The Middle East is evolving fast and plays a key role for Symrise as the company is well aware of the region’s market potential. It aims to understand the region with its individual demands and requirements for beauty and fragrances. Also, the face of the fragrance industry is changing fast. In today’s ever busier, instant-on world, Luxury goes beyond to be simply a question of price. It also balances the ratio between price, quality and time. With the world moving ever faster the quintessence of savoir-faire continues to require time for creation, development. Craftspeople, designers, perfumers need time to build creations from an idea to materiality.

Considering all this, Symrise decided to pay a tribute to the luxury of time with a new fragrance edition at Beautyworld 2019. It puts time in the heart of the bottle showcasing its initiatives, capabilities and art of creation.

A World Tour Through Scent presents twelve exclusive scents that capture iconic impressions from around the world in a moment of time and experience.

From Shanghai, the city that never sleeps, to the age-old rituals of India, through the Bedouin soul that infuses the perfumed wake of Emirati people, thirteen perfumers travelled eleven countries and took their time to discover the world through its scents. These creative and anthropological odysseys, involving award winning photographers and journalists, merged the art of perfumes, the art of images and the art of words.

DeLaire: Visitors are invited to inhale centuries of perfumery history through ten iconic De Laire Bases, a combination of the most exquisite natural raw materials and innovative molecules. Each drop reveals the ultimate expression through a precious time of full maturation process.

Ultimate Naturals: Symrise captured the true essence of the most beautiful natural ingredients through innovative processes such as cold treatment or SymtrapTM.

Since the dawn of time, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and other flowers have enchanted us with their smell. And they have a secret. They need time, around a year, to grow. And only if they bloom, revealing their petals, can humanity harvest them. Another secret connected to time: Pickers can pluck them at dawn, in the early hours of the day only, when the sky sends the first rays of sunlight, so they keep all their freshness.

Innovative Captives: Sustainably crafted fragrance jewels.

Symrise also takes time to blend its fragrance artistry, develop the best technological ingenuity, discover a new or better olfactory depiction through its innovative captive ingredients such as Lilybelle®, Ceylanil® or Pearadise®.

Trilogy of Time: A fragranced journey through the day.

Symrise pays tribute to its savoir faire and its art of fragrance creation through an exclusive collection, an homage to TIME itself, focusing on the different facets of 24 hours: day, night, dawn. The journey starts the day with French fragrances; arrives at night with deep and mysterious oriental fragrances; and observes the sun at dawn when a new day rises, when the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade with French oriental fragrances.

“We invite you to enjoy our passion through time and revive the magic of fragrances and ingredients, to believe, as we do, that in life we have better living through scent”, concludes Tarek Anbar, Regional Sales Director Africa, Middle East and Turkey at Symrise.

Christine Schott Ledes
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