The Givaudan Foundation has published its 2019 Activity Report

The Givaudan Foundation has published its 2019 Activity Report which outlines the progress of its projects supporting education, health and environmental preservation in the communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients as well as those where Givaudan employees work.

The Givaudan Foundation strives to create a positive impact for these people and communities, through better education, healthcare and environmental protection. As their needs evolve and grow, so do the Foundation’s organization and work.

The Foundation’s newly defined purpose ‘We care for communities and nature’, articulates its core principles. Fully in line with this new purpose, 2019 saw 40 projects supported by the Foundation, distributed in 22 countries across the world and directly benefitting 40,700 people with different activities that have been rolled out. Recent developments include literacy classes for guarana farming communities in Brazil, support from Givaudan employees to provide healthier nutrition for disabled and orphaned children in the United Arab Emirates, as well as school restoration and sensory activities for visually impaired students in South Africa. In addition, a number of initiatives have been running for several years, such as the natural resources preservation project with clove leaf oil producers in Madagascar that aims to reduce the environmental pressure on local forests. This project already resulted in the plantation of 500,000 trees.

“All of our work aligns perfectly with Givaudan’s own recently declared purpose, ‘Creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature. Let’s imagine together.’ We are proud to play a part in bringing this admirable aspiration to life” said André Hoffmann, President of the Board of Trustees of the Givaudan Foundation.

Very much aware that the COVID-19 virus presents challenges to people and organizations around the world, the Foundation will strive to continue supporting communities and to conduct its agreed program of activities in 2020 to the extent possible. The Givaudan Foundation is liaising closely with its partner organizations to respond to the challenges of the global pandemic, with the safety and wellbeing of staff and partners as top priority.

The Givaudan Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Givaudan in 2013 as a result of the Company’s desire to reinforce its commitment towards the communities in which it operates. We initiate and support projects and grant donations to make a difference within the communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients as well as in Communities where Givaudan employees work. Our actions are nurtured by the know-how and volunteering of Givaudan people. We work closely with and rely on resources provided by Givaudan to conduct and monitor our projects. We also operate with local partners to ensure the efficient deployment of projects and their relevance for those who are intended to benefit from them.

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