Givaudan joins global efforts to provide hand sanitizer for front line service needs

  • New, dedicated production line established in its Vernier (Geneva) site will donate the equivalent of almost 700,000 bottles*
  • Further production lines in the US and Europe to be established in the coming weeks to meet growing demandIn response to the growing demand for hand sanitizer to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID- 19), Givaudan, the global leader in flavors and fragrances, has set up a dedicated production line in Switzerland (Vernier site), and will be donating over 60 tonnes (equivalent to 700,000 bottles) over the next two weeks.Beneficiaries of the hand sanitizer include Swiss hospitals in the Geneva and Vaud cantons close to Givaudan’s Vernier site, local transport partners including Geneva airport, Geneva public transportation, NGOs and small associations, and important local services which are all supporting the pandemic efforts.In addition, smaller quantities of hand sanitizer are being produced in other Givaudan sites in the US, Europe and Singapore. This is to provide protection for employees and to support local communities and services with their increasing needs. Over the coming weeks, the Company aims to increase production output to provide further donations.

    In a short space of time, we’ve managed to establish dedicated production lines of hand sanitizer to produce up to 8 tonnes a day, helping to keep our employees protected, but also allowing us to supply to those on the front line including local hospitals, said CEO Gilles Andrier. My thanks and gratitude to our production and supply chain teams who are working hard to adapt our production, and to our employees who have volunteered to pack up the sanitizer, so we can reach those communities in need.

    In other countries, Givaudan sites are also producing and donating hand sanitizer to communities close by. For example, at its site in Pomacle in France over 850 kg of hand sanitizer was produced and provided to hospitals in the region. At its Ashford site in the UK, the production team has partnered with a local brewery to provide the packaging and resources to repack the hand sanitizer provided by Givaudan which will then been delivered to local hospitals. From its site in Avignon, France, over 600 kg of hand sanitizer has been donated to local partners and support services.

    Givaudan has also established a COVID-19 communities fund, and made a donation of
    CHF 1 million, to enable Givaudan sites to support local support local communities that have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

    *This is based on the average bottle of hand sanitizer being 100ml

Christine Schott Ledes
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