Givaudan celebrates 85 years of creativity in Haute Parfumerie and offers a glimpse into the future

Highlighting its sumptuous creative heritage, capabilities and talents through a retrospective and forward-looking exhibition

Givaudan has unveiled Haute Parfumerie, an event dedicated to its unique creative savoir-faire, from March 6 to 17 at its Fine Fragrance Creative Centre in Paris.

Inspirational, detached from all constraints and fearlessly creative, the artistry of Haute Parfumerie unleashes the perfumer’s imagination to translate the most precious and unspoken emotions into luxurious olfactive creations.

This exclusive exhibition, open to Givaudan partners and collaborators, explores the founding position of the Company in Haute Parfumerie history through its visionary expertise and the boundless creativity of its perfumers.

Conceived as an immersive retrospective and future-oriented experience, the Haute Parfumerie event puts the spotlight on:

  • Givaudan’s heritage: We take a step back in time through the iconic and pioneering compositions created for the most legendary fashion houses, showcasing original formulas and exclusive archives.
  • Modern Haute Parfumerie: We highlight the dreamy, daring and highly artistic dimension of perfume, along a curated selection of 14 contemporary and emblematic creations, narrated by Givaudan’s perfumers.
  • The future of creation: We focus on how technology transcends and serves olfactory creation (Carto), knowledge and the transmission of know-how (Givaudan Perfumery School), and explain Givaudan’s approach to materials and ingredients for Haute Parfumerie.

This exceptional initiative underscores Givaudan’s leading position in the fine fragrance sector. Our objective is to propose both a retrospective on the illustrious fragrances crafted for the most prestigious houses while opening perspectives towards the future. The Haute Parfumerie event brings to life Givaudan’s role as the key partner in achieving the most ambitious creations for our customers, and demonstrates how we are defining the rules of tomorrow’s fragrance design.

Oriol Segui, Head of Fine Fragrances Europe

Driven by excellence, authenticity and uncompromising creative freedom, Givaudan showcases its avant-garde expertise in offering the most enchanting past, present and future fragrance creations.

Christine Schott Ledes
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