Bond No 9 Launches New York Flowers

Celebrating NYC’s annual spring spectacle of blooms, when flowers take center stage, Bond No 9 has launched New York Flowers.


There’s a common misconception that residents of the concrete jungle have limited access to nature, but any New Yorker will tell you otherwise. From Central Park to Little Island, ample outdoor space abounds year-round, but there’s no time like spring in New York, when the city is suddenly awash in a seasonal spectacle that signals winter is officially over.

Visitors from all over the world come to attend the legendary viewing party. In March, it’s typical to begin spotting cheerful daffodils and regal magnolias, and the celebration really kicks off in April when the city turns the gentle pink hue of cherry blossoms and the vivacious brights of tulips, a nod to New York’s Dutch heritage. As spring progresses, flowers of all kinds are a sight to see swaying proudly along Park Avenue and the High Line. And for the most spectacular displays, head to the New York Botanical Garden to experience a mesmerizing collection of carefully cultivated horticulture.

More recently, New Yorkers have enjoyed novel exposure to flower power thanks to the pop-up installations of Lewis Miller, also known as the “Banksy of Floral Design.” “I think I first noticed his work when he did a flash piece where he transformed city trash bins into voluminous, overflowing vases. “Genius and so New York!” says Bond No.9 Founder Laurice Rahmé. “I love that spirit of spreading beauty through flowers and I thought, why not do that in fragrance form?”

The New York Flowers fragrance honors not just the democracy of the city’s “public” botanicals, but also celebrates the spirit of joy, renewal, and the natural wonders that each spring brings to our town. In the fragrance world, florals reign supreme. But no two budding compositions are quite alike, and New York Flowers stands out as an especially exceptional specimen.

“This is what we call a ‘happy’ fragrance,” says Rahmé. “When I worked with our master perfumer, I said let’s create a celebratory scent that opens with sparkling notes, almost like popping the cork off of a bottle of champagne.” At the top, there’s juicy clementine and a splash of Kir Royale accord, a festive blend rounded out by lush, earthy green ivy leaves. At the heart of the juice is an exquisitely rich bouquet of tuberose, star jasmine, rose, and of course, the iconic red tulip. Creamy sandalwood, amber, and iris ground the floral middle in a luscious medley that represents the sophisticated, softer side of The Big Apple.

Bond No. 9’s famous Silhouette Bottle gets dressed up for the Easter parade by showcasing an abstract, gilded floral design inspired by misty pink and purple heart lisianthus flowers set against a crisp white backdrop that feels as cheerful and optimistic as a fresh spring frock.

Responsible packaging is a pillar of Bond No. 9, and we strive to offer consumers the option to choose without having to compromise on luxury. Bond No. 9’s iconic Silhouette Bottle is 100% recyclable and uses 50% recycled cullet during the manufacturing process. New York Flowers may be purchased in traditional packaging or in our sustainable packaging.

New York Flowers arrives on counter April 15th and will be sold at Bond No. 9 New York Boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide, select Bloomingdale’s stores, Harrods UK, Selfridges UK

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Christine Schott Ledes
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