Valmont unveils ultra-luxe ​Essence of Gold Sturgeon​ collection, the brand’s most prestigious skincare line to date

In their never-ending quest for excellence, Swiss beauty brand, Valmont, introduces the sumptuous Essence of Gold Sturgeon line, the third collection within the l’Elixir des Glaciers pillar of the brand and their most prestigious skincare line to date. Continuing their commitment to supreme quality and sublime luxury, the Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection bridges fantasy and opulence, illuminating the skin from the ‘inside-out’.

For the first time ever, Valmont diverts from their triple patented salmon DNA and taps into the ‘know-how’ of master fish breeders who invest in an ethical approach to raising Ostera sturgeon. Delivering a concentrated dose of youth to the skin, this precious sturgeon DNA blocks elastase, an enzyme that degrades the natural elasticity of your skin, while stimulating the production of proteoglycan. This rare sturgeon DNA, coupled with Valmont’s unique oligo-mineral complex, makes Essence of Gold Sturgeon Valmont’s most powerful skincare collection yet.

“From the beginning, the l’Elixir des Glaciers collection has embraced natural resources and cutting-edge cellular cosmetic technology to deliver advanced formulas through plant extracts, honey borrowed from the beehive, glacial spring water and more. The new Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection continues to tap into mother nature’s treasures by embracing precious ingredients from the marine world, providing immediate skin benefits like no other,”​ says Sophie Guillon, CEO of Valmont.

New from the Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection, ​Fluide Merveilleux​ is a regenerative face essence that works as a pre-serum to boost the skin’s outer glow. With its unique gel and water texture,​ ​Fluide Merveilleux remineralizes the skin and

awakens radiance through its mineral complex and sturgeon DNA. Adding a new results-driven formula to the l’Elixir des Glaciers skincare range, Fluide Merveilleux is the pinnacle of anti-aging skincare. Retail Price: $360

With its fine texture and exquisite composition, ​Creme Merveilleuse​ is the ultimate regenerative face cream that transforms the complexion while offering the skin a breathtaking sensorial experience. Creme Merveilleuse’s addictive recipe of unparalleled ingredients is ideal for all ages, makes your pores appear tighter and offers a more uniform and luminous skin tone. Powered by Valmont’s bioavailable mineral complex and Sturgeon DNA, Creme Merveilleuse is ideal for those in search of radiance and optimal hydration. Retail price: $1,000

The Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection is available in April 2021 at locations including The Eau Spa in Manalapan, FL, and The Valmont Spa at the Setai Miami.

Christine Schott Ledes
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